Sunday, September 29, 2013

i love u to

last 2 night i wish to eat a slice of cake from dear zauj.. we start to searching if any housecake near by..but when we arrive..housecake was close.. at 1030pm that time. thats why la ;p..
last day..when my dear zauj was on his way back from his clase.he buy me a choclate cake..
alhamdulillah 'ala rizq.. thanks mr zauj. i love u so much :)

en suami pergi berjuang

send him in front of door make me feel awkward. but i try hard to simply yet to be ok with this situation. dear husband need to finish his study only for one year. to be's 8 month actually.

so. i just finish up sapu sampah. fold baju. yet nak msk plak. but didnt know what to cook. maybe ayam kunyit yg ummi selalu buat kotssss. hahah. simple sungguh. sbb x reti nk msk yg hebat2 mcm chefff. but dear husband suke makan gulai or spesis dgnnye. hayyyak. kene cr resepi ni.