Friday, November 23, 2012

My lovely fae was married

Its been 2 week after fae n fifi married.
Alhamdulillah got opportunity went to kemaman after being invited by cik zuhailah . All the way from s.alam .
So fae n fifi ..barakallahulakuma utk awok berdua ya ..plz plzz cpt2 dpt bby ya .
Here the picture will tell the rest

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Exam fever

Ya Allah permudahkanlah urusanku di dunia dan di akhirat !
My final year n last paper will start at 27-11 and end  30-11. 27 adalah  paper imagine which is medical paper and 30 is digital paper which is paper electronic .
Punyalah lame nk tnggu exam kan .but this is my effort to make it fantastic n bombastic result.

May Allah ease .amin3

Doodle #savegaza

I believe that i start again to doodle or scathing . I remember my last drawing was after spm n when i decide not to take architect as my diploma . n i give up in my drawing .

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Make dua’ brothers and sisters

ان شاء الله  May the Kuffars be defeated in their own game.
Verily the plan of shaitan is ever so weak!

anak saudara

i would like to introduce u'olls with my nephew. waallahi! i'am so excited for having him .

after having a long time discussing about their(mekngos n bongah) son name, at last they announce it as

DANIYAL means - nabi daniyal (actually his parent very obsess about ustaz don daniyal )
AL-AMEER means- prince

it's been a month i'am not seeing Daniyal. miss him a lot.

below are picture that i was capture before going back to Gombak

 Daniyal cute hand-sock- cute sgt kan!
 Daniyal yg penuh dgn bebulu (sbnrnye normal utk those kid yg newborn)
 selepas brestfeeding - very calm n innocent
 SubhanaAllah, peacefull
 kakinye yg kecil dan stokin yg besar

aku sbnrnye xtau nk beli ape kt si Daniyal ni. last2 jmpe satu jumpsuit beby at FOS KWC. tp yg kelakarnye. balik2 kn marah dgn mummy bcoz buy something yg Daniyal xkn dpt pakai lama. haa...

so...dlm family kami telah putuskan utk pangei neneknya as JIDDAH, kak long as MAMA, n me as KHOLAH (pronounce its well) mksnya maksaudara utk sblh perempuan ya. 

his mommy as MAMA
n ayah as ABATI 

n i thinks that's all